Safer hoisting

The European safety standard EN 13155 requires that vacuum lifters, when used at a construction site, are equipped with an additional falling safety device (safety straps) or an additional independent vacuum circuit. Vacuum lifters with a single vacuum circuit and additional falling safety straps have several drawbacks. Safety straps are often forgotten and moreover, they don't provide protection when the suction cups are being attached to the load or when the load is being released by the operators. It is precisely during those moments that additional safety is required as the operators are closest to the vacuum lifter and the sandwich panel or window.

These disadvantages don’t apply to our cladding lifters. Due to the technical design with four separate vacuum circuits, falling safety devices are no longer required.

The cladding lifters also conform to the ASME B30.20 safety standards. This American standard requires significantly higher safety margins of the suction cups. Our machines easily meet those requirements . The construction of each cladding lifter is calculated on a safety factor of 3. The capacity of the suction cups is calculated on the basis of the required ASME - UPC formula.

The following calculation explains the UPC formula. The standard suction cup on the picture has a dimension of 530 x 110 mm (20,86 x 4,33 inch) and an effective suction area of 33 956 mm² (52,62 inch2). According to the ASME - UPC formula the maximum capacity of this suction cup at a vacuum level of 60% (below 60% vacuum the alarm goes off), and the vertical load up to 53 kg (117lbs). The cladding lifter has 8 of these suction cups so it is allowed to lift 424 kg (933lbs) according to the ASME standards. We have set the maximum lifting capacity of the machine at 300kg (660lbs).

The following image clearly shows that machines with four separate vacuum circuits are up to 50% safer compared to machines using just two circuits:

Current vacuum lifters with two separate vacuum circuits:

Our cladding lifters have four separate vacuum circuits and on top of that the suction cups are crossed connected which gives a better balance and even more added safety:

If there’s a leakage in one of the vacuum circuits (indicated by the white suction cups in the images), the cladding lifter has 50% more safety / lifting capacity left compared to two-circuit machines.