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Cladding lifters: revolutionary vacuum lifting with four separate vacuum circuits He wanted to make the safest vacuum lifter ever, not only easy to operate but also very affordable. This was the vision of engineer Steven van den Brink, who started inventing a complete new series of vacuum lifters for panels and glass, simply called cladding lifters. By equipping them with four separate vacuum circuits, the machines provide a high level of increased safety. Actually, they are the first machines that use four separate circuits when it comes to sandwich panels. Steven: "We believe this is a development trend for future construction hoisting industry. When heavy sandwich panels or glass windows are being hoisted, you certainly want this to be done easily and safely. Our vacuum lifting machines take care of that extremely well." Another special feature: our cladding lifters are multi-purpose hoisting devices. Thanks to a unique, patented construction they easily tilt and rotate both roof and wall panels and also glass or ornamental stone. "There is no need to buy separate glass lifters anymore; just exchange the suction cups", says Van den Brink. "We offer a high range of exchangeable suction cups suitable for almost every lifting job."

More about the inventor:

Steven van den Brink is a specialist in vacuum lifting. After completing his schooling, majoring in product design & engineering, he joined a renowned party in the hoisting industry, where he worked for seven years and developed several vacuum lifters for sandwich panels and glass. With this profound knowledge, understanding and expertise Steven started his factory Vacuum Lifting Holland. Cladding lifters made by Vacuum Lifting Holland offer revolutionary hoisting capacity: safer, faster and cheaper.